General Introduction

  Inverter Genset vs Standard Genset

1.     Inverter Gensets are smaller, lighter, and quieter, while standard Gensets are usually noisy, heavy and bulky

2.     The Inverter Gensets' pretty innovative is that they are able to convert DC power into AC power with high frequency. This conversion process eliminates output power fluctuations, while standard gensets can not.

3.     Inverter Gensets' speed can automatically change base on the load change. While standard Gensets operate at a constant speed, speed is also non-adjustable. This will cause unnecessary noise, fuel consumption, and exhaust output.

4.     Inverter Gensets overall efficiency is much higher than standard gensets, this is the real and big difference.


Jietek gasoline inverter gensets vs traditional gasoline inverter gensets. 


1.      In people's  understanding that inverter gensets are regarded as portable gensets and can not power many industrial appliances, but Jietek inverter gensets are designed for commercial use. Jietek gasoline inverter gensets can take up even up to 245A welding machine with 4mm welding rod, 3.5kw motor like water pump, ice cream machine and 3HP air condition, 4kw air compressor.

2.     6 patentfor invention, 19 proprietary intellectual property rights with self-innovation ensure our products stable, consistent and high quality.