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Jiangsu Jietek Power
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JieTek dedicates on generator sets manufacture. We have our own strong R&D team, we have independent tech and have developed world leading inverter tech that enable generators sets excellent performance such as super strong taking up ability, fuel saving based on inverter variable speed, THD <2.5%, power factor high to 0.95 etc.. We research, manufacture and sell. Currently we offer 3kw—30kw for gasoline / diesel / LPG gensets.

We have a big dream, to contribute to a better world with convenient and higher quality life in every corner of the earth. Under this dream we went on and on, broke tech difficulties one by one in the past, and now we have acquired the 1st successful stage that we began to be recognized and accepted by overseas big companies and in China we are supplying China Army / CRRC (China Railway Corporation) / the 6 top vehicles companies etc.. We will forward the journey and continually having new world leading tech / items out one by one . Jietek strives to be a big trustful brand that providing good quality generator sets with world leading tech and excellent performance, understand people’s needs, service people, benefit people, contribute our talent to a meaningful career!

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